This place is great
— Carrie M.
We've been taking our high mileage vehicles to Debra for years. We can't say enough good things about her and her business. High integrity and incredibly high standards for car care. She's the best.
— Jill G.
We've been going to Deb for years and have nothing but great things to say- she's always been very thorough, honest and we've felt good dealing with her. She does have a high standard for car care (i.e. "If I were you, I would replace these xxx next month") but has been very ok with us saying "thanks, we'll do it in a year." or taking other cost-saving measures. She has also been very upfront about things ("I can fix it if you want, but you could also drive it around for another 6 months before it will make any difference to the performance of the car") or recommending that we do things (i.e. body work) elsewhere to get a better deal.
— NN
I should've never left them! :) I moved away and tried to find a new mechanic, but nobody can replace Deborah and her team. For the past years, she's been taking care of my car and there was never reason to complain about anything. Even when they thought they'd fixed something and the light came back up, they checked it out for free....wonderful service!! I am actually going back tomorrow to have my car checked out. I would recommend Marin Vehicle Repair to anyone and everyone
— Nicole D.
Nice people, good prices and reliable.
— Ferg L.
Debra and Marin Vehicle Repair does the finest auto work I've ever encountered. Debra and her mechanics are "old school" and meticulous in their care of cars! They get the job done right! I've now been taking my Toyota to Marin Vehicle for more than a decade and I am consistently impressed with and appreciative of the quality of their work. THANK YOU DEBRA!
— Duane E.
Debra has been my mechanic for over 10 years. I have never experienced, in all of my 35 years of car ownership, a more skilled, kind, honest, and respectful mechanic. She is a direct communicator and I always know what is going on with a repair or service job. I agree with what has been said in earlier reviews that Debra is very open about what she feels needs to be done, but is realistic about financial limitations and the need to postpone work that isn't critical. The shop is busy, but I always feel taken care of. I know several people who have take their cars to Debra and all would echo the sentiments I have stated here, including my 16 year old god daughter with whom I trusted Debra with her safety.
— Mark T.
We wanted to thank you so much for all your honesty, advice, and professionalism. With your help, we saved almost $200 on value gasket work that was needed on our VW Passat wagon. Your advice to approach the dealer about it was truly above & beyond what most auto repair shops would recommend. We really cannot thank you enough, and we respect & trust your crew with any of our cars now. All our best,
— Kim & Steve
Thank you for the time you took out of your busy day to advise me and "hold my hand" through the struggle about our beloved Trooper. Your caring means a lot to us and, added to your skillful service, makes you outstanding in our eyes. Thanks also for helping Suzanne think about the "ABS decision" on the Cabrio - Again - taking time to care in your busy day.
We're keeping our Trooper - having it repaired with used parts where available. Also got the Insurance payment increased with some research. You all are really the best - In peace and good will,
— Bernie
Thank you for all the work you have done on my car. I love the atmosphere of your shop and having the peace of mind
Thank you for squeezing me in today, to fix my car's "digestive-burp" problem. We ran home smoothly. I appreciate the expertise you have and apply to my car. And the customer service. Sincere,
— GP
Black Beauty is on the road again. In tiptop shape! She is chirping and dancing to the beat all the way down the highway - Plus - Amazingly we now get 100 miles more per tank! That's fabulous! From 13.8 miles/gallon to 19.4 miles/gallon! Thank you SO much! All the Best to you and yours!
— Dana
This is my first visit here. I just have to say that I am so pleased and impressed with the service I have received. Debra and the gentleman, who worked on my beloved Toyota pickup, were so informative, courteous, sincere and genuine that I could hardly believe I was in the right place. I believe completely that I was dealt with respectfully and with integrity. You've earned my respect business and my words of praise to my friends. Thank you so much!
— SL